A Letter from Dee

This is quite  possibly my most treasured possession.  Unbelievably cool on its own just because  it's from Dee - undoubtedly the only time I've held a moment of his attention :-)    Beyond that, Frank Zappa's autograph is a reminder of the day I got to meet another of the  select few men worthy of my admiration.  The requirements are simple: brains and  balls - and Frank had an abundance of both.  The world lost a great man when Frank  passed on.  If there's a heaven, I just know my Dad and Frank have hooked up and now  split their time between intellectual pursuits, playing music, and shocking the celestials  with their sick humor. (The other autograph belongs to Jello Biafra, who was on the panel  with Frank - the event was a public discussion of censorship in rock 'n' roll in Santa  Monica)

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Ok, so  there are a few typos or spelling / grammar errors, but no secretary can be perfect!    I'd suspect it's quite a Dee-manding job anyway, and in 1985 I've no doubt the  sheer volume of mail was a nightmare to deal with.


"... there'll  always be assholes in this world who want to stop other people from enjoying themselves."

    Which is why  we'll always need people who are willing to fight for our freedom. Dee's a champion for  those of us who see no inherent danger in mere words.  The man is an inspiration.    He put his reputation on the line to stand up for heavy metal - alone -  while most others wimped out and watched from the sidelines for fear of being targeted by  the censors. 

    Yup, Brains &  Balls.  Thanks to Dad I inherited both, and Dee & Frank showed me how best to use  them.  My admiration and gratitude are infinite - does it show?

FZ and Dee - US  Senate 1985

Frank Zappa & Dee, US Senate 1985 



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